Blue Vane Traps

Blue Vane Traps

Available as a case of 24 complete traps:

—includes two blue vanes, one blue funnel and a clear collection jar plus a white lid.

Please see order form on Ordering page.

For information, PLEASE email info at banfieldbio com

or CALL 425-296-9267 to order (between 8 am and 4 pm Pacific Time)

Blue Vane Traps

Available as a case of 24 complete traps - two vanes, one funnel and a CLEAR collection jar with a white lid.

Blue Vane Traps are only available with clear jar this season because all jar production facilities are dedicated to supporting materials for COVID19. We expect yellow jars to be available next season. If you need yellow jars, we recommend using Rustoleum(R) Neon Yellow Fluorescent paint. Two light coats provide approximately the same UV fluorescence as the molded jars.

Put A Lid on It!

White Lids are now available that fit the collection jars. You now have the option of adding a set of lids to your trap order. Please see the updated order form. Lids are available separately in sets of 24 pieces.

About us

BanfieldBio Inc. is the research company created after SpringStar Inc. sold its consumer products and manufacturing business.

We research biotechnologies to create better ways to control pests of all types. The blue vane trap was developed by our team based upon insect visual systems. Traps are made in the US and are used globally for critical research into native pollinator populations.

We are located at an 8 acre research facility just outside of Seattle Washington.